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The Municipality has an agricultural-based economy. Agriculture, which are farming and fishing are the predominant or the major occupation of the people of Sinait and the main crops are palay, garlic, onions, tomato, tobacco, corn and watermelon. The other leading crops are mungbeans, peanuts, legumes, peppers and vegetables. Almost every family raises livestocks in their backyard. Chickens are on semi-commercial basis while hogs ana goats are raised in commercial quantities. People living along the shores are engaged in f ish.1 n.g and salt-making industry particularly in Barangays Paratong and Sabangan. Sinait is also known for a certain seaweeds called "Pocpoclo" which are sold in the local market, to adjacent towns of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, also in Manila and in the Cagayan Valley. Cottage industries such as bamboo furniture making, bamboo crafts, rattan crafts, metal crafts, tricycle sidecars, owner-type jeep body building and assembler can be found scattered in the town proper and in some barangays.
Sinait Food Terminal Center is the business center which caters all the commercial activities in the municipality. It has established a hard-earned identity in the commercial spectra as the "GARLIC CENTER OF THE NORTH", being that garlic is one of the major products of the municipality. It is now a trading center or "BAGSAKAN" whereby businessmen coming as far as the Bicol Region, Metro Manila and neighboring towns and provinces converge to sell and purchase this white gold or "BAWANG" in the local dialect. This exotic product called garlic are displayed in a 500-meter stretch commercial zone winding on both sides of the Manila North Road. All these contribute much to the income of the municipality as taxes, rentals and revenues are derived from all these endeavors.

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