Soil type, Suitability and Capability

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Soil type, Suitability and Capability

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The soil map for the Province of Ilocos Sur prepared by the Bureau of Soil Conservation shows that there are three (3) principal soil types in Sinait namely, the Bantay Loam; the San Manual Clay Loam (mapped in Brgys. Teppeng, Zapat and Pug-os); and the Bantog Clay (found in Brgys. Paratong, Sabangan, portions of Katipunan, Curtin, Baliw, barikir and Tapao; and portions of Brgys. Sta. Cruz, Battog, Jordan, Purag, Pacis, Nagbalioartian, Ricudo and Duyay-yat

In small patches are those of the Quingua and Faraon Series. Along the coast of the south China Sea is the beachsand.

Bantay Loam: The surface soil is brown to dark brown loam; friable, granular and 15 to 20 centimeters deep. The boundary with the lower layer is gradual, The upper subsoil is yellowish brown clay loam; friable and coarse granular in structure. Beneath is a layer of highly weathered shale which breaks into cube-like fragments under slight pressure! Lime precipitates are present. The substratum consists of highly weathered shale.

Like Bantay Clay Loam, this soil type is not agriculturally important. However, due to lack of arable land, these are cultivated and planted to upland rice and tobacco. Coconuts are also planted in limited number. Bamboo abounds in the area but a great portion is covered with brush and cogon.

San Manuel Clay Loam: The surface soil is grayish brown. (10 yr. Year to brown (10 yr. 5/3) clay loam which is slightly sticky when moist. The subsoil and substratum are similar to those of other soil types of the San Manuel Series.
Generally, these soils are well-drained as they usually occur along the rivers. They are developed from alluvial materials washed down from the higher areas underlain by both igneous and sedimentary rocks.

The San Manuel soils are considered to be good for lowland rice and are highly valued for farmers. Most any crops grow on these soils so long as there is enough moisture or otherwise provided with irrigation water.

Bantog Clay: Almost similar in characteristics as in Bantog Sandy Loam, the surface soil is brown sandy loam; friable, 25 centimeters thick. The subsoil is dark sandy clay loam to clay loam. The texture of this layer becomes finer as it's depth increases. The main crop is rice. Other crops grown after rice are sweet potato, corn, tomato and eggplant.

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